For eons the unicorns ruled the realms of Fyreball till that fateful day when Pandas came to challenge their dominion. However, as the conflict evolved and while the idiotic governments of the two factions endlessly debated the possiblity of an agreement, a third group entered the fray. Emerging from a break in the corpreal weave of matter, the Dragons became drawn into the battle. Initially in it just for the free dead bodies, the only intelligent carnivores presented a new situation. Foolishly, the two govt's decided to drive the harmless invaders away...forcibly. Of course they didn't work together so now the three of them are in all out war... Who will win in this epic struggle? Who will be acclaimed as the best? Who is the most awesomelichious?


Only you know, as you are the one who can choose!

Unicorn Followers:

  • Cookiecups
  • San Ting
  • Kamahl
  • Gronfors

Panda Followers:

  • IncredibleBulk
  • ll Swank ll
  • KillerChief97
  • Mekko

Dragon Followers (winnarz!):

  • Chimerea
  • Dualfinger
  • SavageReindeer
  • AutumnGold
  • FallenFears

Dead for introducing pandas and creating the Conflict:

  • CrazedOne1988

Likes men:

  • Mr. Krinkle


  • Smoof

Write your name on either list. Remember, if you delete or move any other name, a thousand burning arrows will pierce your balls in your sleep!