Jeffers' avatar. Composed of win and pictures of your mom naked.

Real name: Jeffers McLovin

Age: 19

Bday: Nov 28th

Location: Shropshire, UK

Favorite FB's: lolwecs, Halo, internet memes, defnop and San Ting's sexual preferences (for each other :3)

Unicorn approval rating (UAR): -7. Everyone knows Dragons are the shiz.

Jeffers is quite possibly the greatest fyreballer ever to have existed. He joined Fyreball on 29th February 2008, and his member number is 3575.

Habits on Fyreball Edit


A Domo News live broadcast, with Brad Grueman

Jeffers is commonly seen posting random, occasionally related images in most fyreballs. He has also been rumoured make humorous observations of the community through the guise of Domo News's top reporter, Brad Grueman. This is a lie. Brad is a separate entity all together. Jeffers has no sense of humour, and any evidence of humour are instances where Brad has hacked Jeffers' account.

Jeffers originally joined Fyreball through the infamous recon link. However, his goal was not to get recon because he wasn't paying attention and didn't notice that part he's better than that.

Jeffers: The Man, The Legend Edit

In 'real' life (The Matrix has you.), jeffers is a student at a local sixth form college. He is currently studying Computing, Physics, English Literature and underwater ferret diving. When he grows up, he wants to be a baseball.

Jeffers' diet consists almost entirely of Lucozade and Wheetos. How he survives on such little nourishment has been the subject of literally a study. There were useful results drawn from this, but they were classified and eaten by Government Grues.

Jeffers does have interests, but they are relatively uninteresting. Since you would not be interested in the interests that interest an interesting fellow like Jeffers, I'll leave you to your own conclusions, which will undoubtedly be interesting.


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