The Fyre Chronicles (TFCH) is a Fyreball fan-fic first started by San Ting on the 14th of March 2008. A new chapter regularly comes out every Friday, every time with a flash-drawn picture to accompany the chapter.

The story features how the unnamed protagonist learns of "The Fyre" and it's counterpart "The Yce", which is the two cosmic contrasts that keeps the universe in balance. He quickly learns that he is special to the battle, and is drawn into many siturations to recover the balance of the universe.

Each week, when a chapter is written, it is uploaded to the official blog.

Following the official story, a "parody" soon emerged written by Dualfinger. It is usually written in the comments after each weeks official story. At first it seemed mostly a joke, mainly because of the bad grammar and the use of Dualfinger's interpretation of users at Fyreball whom he uses as characters in the story. Slowly, it began to evolve and after a "solo" chapter featuring Rawr, a fyreball user, which was a break off from the main story where Rawr was given his own "mini story" where he was the main charater; requests came in from other fyreball users to have thier own chapters written. The list of "solo" chapters in which users have been featured are: Rawr, San Ting and Defnop.

Now, the parody is arguable story with foothold enough to "live" on its own, but Dualfinger writes them in and for each weeks chapters.

Parody Blog

San Ting is also the author of Fyre!