A faithful Fyreballer, Sangheilioz is best known for commenting on other fyreballs intelligently and respectfully. He joined the site when it was advertised on Bungie, but alas was not one of the lucky winners of the coveted "Recon" armor. This did not taint his view of the site, however, as he learned to love it within minutes of his arrival.

He is known within the Echo One One ARG as a thoughtful contributor, and is not above doing "grunt work" transcribing messages to a raw data log for reference. He is also known for creating balanced and entertaining multiplayer maps in the videogame Halo 3. Sangheilioz also plays a popular online MMORPG called Runescape and enjoys pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Sangheilioz is also known as the initiator and pseudo-leader of the Fyreball community movement, "[Reignition.]" He began this movement in an effort to return the site to a state of extreme awesomeness by instilling respect and fighting spam.

Real name: Adam

Age: 19

Location: Antarctica

Favorite Fyreballs: Innovative or amusing ones

Unicorn approval rating (UAR): 0 "I've got nothing against them, but they've done nothing for me either." -Sangheilioz

XboxLIVE gamertag: "General Khazard"

Picture: unavailable at this time.

The Writer's Guild Page: [Sangheilioz]