San Ting is a regular user at Fyreball.He joined the 28th of Feburay 2008 and has been around ever since.

Real name: Emil

Age: 16

Bday: Okt. 1st 1991

Location: Denmark

Favorite FB's: Innovative ones, Reignition!

Unicorn approval rating (UAR): +15

Panda approval rating (PAR): -15


He is known for writing The Fyre Chronicles and Fyre!, stories designed for Fyreball and it's users.

He is known to often be willing to help other fan projects. Has also been known to be a top creator of several Halo 3 Custom Maps used frequently in Fyrefights, held each week.

Holds a close relationship with a user named Defnop and is also a member of the infamous Emo Team

He is the creator of the word Xuiya which is a reformation of Cya, and is often seen using either ^^ or ^_^

He is possibly one of Teh Most Awsum Fyreballer to ever have joined the site, almost more awesome than bacon and unicorns.