Riley, previously known as tanksfire9, has been a loyal member of the community since march of '08. Even though this user has been frequently active on fyreball, most people don't really know the guy.

Riley's most read post was "My Flame Is Out guys.. Relationships", a message to the community to let out his feelings and his story about a girl. The reason he posted the message wasn't because he doesn't have friends in real life, but was because he didn't have any friends he could share the situation with. He knew fyreball was a good community, and people wouldn't post bad comments just to be mean, but instead advice.

Often, you may see Riley getting into flamewars, because of his annoyance to bad posts, non-friendly comments, and anything web-related that is just......Dumb. But he still loves Fyreball, and everyone who is apart of the community.

Real name: Riley