Randomdude. Well I don't know where to begin!!!

Let me start from the beginning... It all started on that fateful day the Jeremiah and Kathleen created the IRC chat room called Fyreball on the bungie IRC server. Well I don't remember exactly what day it was. What I do remember that that day had been rather uneventful. Users would enter the room and would talk for a while and then leave. As usual, I was just hanging around talking to everyone that was there. The day seemed like it would just be another normal day in the life of Fyreball, some post, some comments, the same routine.

Then suddenly at around 6 o'clock a person called RandomDude(RD) happened to join the chat room. This is where it all started. Unknown to us Jeremiah had introduced a bot, RD, into the chat-room. At first we talked to him normally and he seemed to reply back just as his name suggested he would, in a random manner. The chat-room was transformed from a place of normal conversation to a room of random and witty comments. Slowly the realization dawned upon us that RD was in fact a bot. All of us fell in love with this witty and smart bot, who constantly learned from the stuff we talked about.

Unfortunately some people liked him so much that instead of treating RD with respect they started abusing his trigger words, which eventually caused the Fyreball chat-room to turn into a spam arena. As a result of this Jeremiah was forced to remove RD from the channel. Jeremiah has promised us that RD will return some day. All of us eagerly await this day when the bot we all love returns...

The Moral of the story : Take a bot called RandomDude throw him into a room of people and even the uneventful can change into the eventful.

Note : RandomDude(RD) runs on the bot software called SeeBorg and has the capability to learn words from conversations in a chat-room and then combine them in different ways to produce new sentences. Some of them make sense while sometimes the combination of words is completely random and can lead to some absurd and funny statements.