The Fyre Chronicals: The Parody

Created by Dualfinger, the parody is based on San Ting's The Fyre Chronicles (TFCH). It follows the Ting's story line up to the point that the un-named character has his first confrontation with one of the four Sects of the the Tempest known as Yce. From there the story breaks off and introduces the community of Fyreball as a underground citadel hanging from the walls of a chasm, of origins currently unexplained. Though there is a theroy the chasm was created dueing the last of the Tempest wars when one of Fyres troops went 'Nova' though using too much Fyre then his body could handle and...combusted.

Although it leaves the main story behind, it does in ways mirror it in a diffrent way. The characters of the story take the form of notable Fyreball users. The story in a nutshell is that during the fight when the stories divde, Yce and Fyre are battling eachother. During the fight a old Tempest power is recreated...Watyr...the main character is the only suvivor and is taken to the home of Fyre, Byta where he undergoes intensive training and learns to use the power of the Fyre, but after the mysterious death of Tehviruss, the only person who originaly knew of what happened at the fight, the main character is forced to reval the truth to the Admin, Bytas rulers so to speak, whom try to return Byta to a state of calm. But under Byta's gleaming surface, lurk dark secrets to be uncovered.

One of which is a mad man named Sanghelli God whom was unqiue out of all the other Fyre users because he possesed a second mind. He believed that he would be the one to discover the Chosen who would hereld a new war. Though he was destroyed in the encounter between the protagonist he still has had a great influcene on what is to come.

The story is notable for its lack of spelling and grammar, a point that is regularly bought to light by Chimerea, a fyreball user who usually comments directly after Dualfinger has posted the latest chapter in the story about his continued lack of spellchecking. Dualfinger, using his visualization of the future adds another point to the "Complaints about spelling" counter at the top of every chapter.