MuffledMuffin Member since Mar 3, 2008

Real Name: Ryan Sullivan Age:16 Gamertag:MuffledMuffin BirthdayNov. 12, 1991 Unicorn Approval Rating:+12

MuffledMuffin joined Fyreball through the Bungie Recon Armor link. He stayed on afterwords because he enjoyed the community. MuffledMuffin called simply Muffin or Muff by those on Fyreball, enjpoys surfing Fyreball for interesting topics to comment on. Others note him as being humorous and soft-spoken. Since his joining, Muffin has grown away from his Halo-related roots, and moved on to bigger and better things. he now tries to cleanse Fyreball of Halo related content, moving Fyreball to a less Halo-based community.

Favourite Threads: Sketch Reviews, Defnop's 101, Anything with funny pictures, Anything with Lolcats, Anything serious and controversial.

Catch Phrase: Muffin is known for his proficient use of the "...", which he uses to his advantage when he wants to remain softspoken, but still give his opinion. He's also been known to give out "kudos" points to various people for doing things he approves of. At the moment, San Ting leads the Kudos leaderboards. (w00t - Ting)