This is a list of internal 'jokes' if you will that is used on Fyreball


Laughing Out Loud While Eating Chicken Soup

First created by Defnop. It is the common term of fyreball, often used in stead of the simple lol.


Another common term, first made by San Ting



A common term first made by San Ting


Laughing Out Loud While Eating Chicken Soup At Noon

A variation of Lolwecs created by San Ting. It is not used often, and was mostly a joke created to include the 'san' part. A user previously know as DaMightySparta have changed his screen-name to this, and supposedly also his GamerTag.

Fyre On/Fyre'dEdit

A term used when a Fyreball has been passed on. While now known as forwarding, older members will remember the time when forwarding was called 'Fyre On', often said as fyre'd on for you etc.


A short for the word fyreball. Did you see that one FB? or I'm just going to check FB


Another name for a fyreball.


Friend to friend Fyreball. A private message etc.


A short for The Fyre Chronicles


A variation of Cya created by the awesomelichiousness of San Ting


Originally a typo, this is the version of *facepalm* that only San Ting use

"Or I will ear you sjur"Edit

San Ting usually said that he would eat whomevers skin if they did not return pictures of a trip but got transformed in ear you sjur somehow, and is what he uses now.

"Good to had you here."Edit

A phrase coined by Smoof five minutes ago. A way of saying "It was nice having you here on Fyreball, but now that you're leaving, I don't respect you at all."


Spaz usually said WTF HAX or WTF HAXOR! For fun.


An awesomelichious phrase created by Killer Chief 97 meaning "Rolling On Floor Laughing Meanwhile Apples Hit Wahfles At Holy Fyreballers Licking Excellent Cones On Paparazzi Tours Eradicating Raspberries".