Fyreball is a website presenting a cool new way to send friends a variety of media in one convenient package, without the extra hassle of using E-Mails. To put this more in perspective, here is a fun and informative video: What is Fyreball?

Not only can you send things to friends; you can even communicate within the Fyreball itself, eliminating the need to send multiple E-Mails discussing the subject. On top of that; Fyreball allows you to present these Fyreballs to the whole entire Fyreball community. This can be done by submitting your Fyreball to the public, allowing any member the ability to view, and discuss the topic.

Fyreball 4-1-1Edit


A list is a way to easily organize your friends on Fyreball.

Since Fyreball is such a large and diverse community, you may want to organize your friends into smaller categories. This will allow you to select a certain list for Fyreball dispersal. Say you want to send your recent vacation photos to only your best friends. Well you can create a list comprised of "best friends", then select the list when sending the Fyreball. This will assure that only the people in that list will receive the Fyreball.

Video: "What's a list?"


A group is a simple way to bring community members together.

Perhaps you would like to bring all of the sports fanatics of Fyreball together, or find all the people into that popular TV show. By using a group, this can be easily achieved! Groups allow you to condense a particular topic, into one convenient spot.

Video: "Using Groups"

Browser ToolEdit

The Fyreball Browser Tool, allows you to quickly send a Fyreball from anywhere on the net.

Happen to come across a hilarious video you want to quickly send your friends? With Fyreball's Browser Tool; you can easily fyre anything, anywhere, with a click of a button!

Video: "What's a browser tool?"

Fyreball's SpotlightEdit

Even in it's early stages, Fyreball has already attracted positive attention. In an article published by Venture Beat, Fyreball has earned itself a warm welcome from the Silicon Valley community.

"Fyreball unveils new way to forward media to your friends"

Meet The TeamEdit

Fyreball has a dedicated team behind it, all working hard to keep the Fyre burning.


Pete Parsons, CEO of Fyreball

Pete Parsons The Boss

Michel Bastien Production Director

Ian Bone Software Development Intern

Michael Evans Chief Technical Officer

Brian Guarraci Senior Software Engineer

Sam Keen Software Engineer

Mike McCain Designer

J. Brett Nowak Business Development Manager

Jeremiah Pieschl Test Manager

Kathleen Sanders Community Developer/Manager

Michael Winser Iconoclast

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A Visual History of Fyreball.comEdit

Fyreball early

Early Login Page

Fyreball beta 7.42 Front page

Fyreball Front page

Fyreball beta 7.42

Fyreball Beta


fyreball down