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May 14th, 2008Edit

04:15 'WORT WORT WORT!' HELLO!!!!!!!!

04:15 'kamahl928' hey


04:15 'kamahl928' who?

04:15 'WORT WORT WORT!' Nueromancer

04:16 'kamahl928' I doubt it

04:16 'WORT WORT WORT!' He is the god of dreams!

04:16 'WORT WORT WORT!' ROAGE is the subconscience of all humanity

04:16 'WORT WORT WORT!' and Neuromancer is god of dreams

04:16 'WORT WORT WORT!' SO....

04:16 'WORT WORT WORT!' Neuro = Brain

04:16 'WORT WORT WORT!' Mancer= Mage

04:16 'kamahl928' mind you, he's never been censored...

04:17 'kamahl928' true


04:17 'WORT WORT WORT!' It all fits!

20:13 'Rade9098' I don't think its likely Vanessa created Achilles, although it is indeed possible, if he's an AI

20:14 'Rade9098' but I'm finding him being an AI less and less likely now

20:14 'Rade9098' wha?

20:15 'Danger' dunno

20:15 'Danger' lol

20:15 'Danger' why less and less likely

20:16 'Danger' the I gave you roses post by him seems human

20:17 'Rade9098' Yeah

20:18 'Rade9098' He also has a real name

20:19 'Danger' yeah

20:19 'Danger' Roage is a matrix

20:19 'Rade9098' No, I don't think so, since they were referred to separately in the letter Jonas was carrying.

20:20 'Danger' that was what I was just looking at

20:20 'Danger' I took it as him grouping them together as one

20:21 'Danger' achilles- Why didn't you tell them about Vanessa? About ROAGE? The matrix?

20:21 'Danger' algernon - Because neither of them has any bearing on what we are, and what we do. They can help.

20:21 'Rade9098' I've been over this before, and I was deemed right.

20:21 'Rade9098' Would you like me to state why again?

20:21 'Danger' I was thinking cause he said niether of them that he grouped roage and the matrix together

20:22 'Danger' no its cool

20:22 'Danger' well, what should we try to figure out?

20:22 'Rade9098' yes i know that's what you thought so did Sangheili at one point but then he realized I was right,:)

20:22 'Rade9098' what do you mean?

20:23 'Danger' what should we do next?

20:24 'Rade9098' well, one thing that certainly needs to be looked at are what I mentioned my post on the fyreball

20:24 'Danger' wrthog said check the first letter of every sentence

20:24 'Danger' i think he found something just now

20:25 'Rade9098' or he might just be posting a random suggestion

20:25 'Rade9098' lets see

20:26 'Danger' I dunno

20:27 'Rade9098' just gibberish so far

20:28 'Rade9098' about 8 sentences in

20:28 'Danger' yeah

20:28 'Rade9098' yep, random suggestion in response to my hidden message thing

20:29 'Rade9098' what's the 421 for though?

20:29 'Danger' damn him

20:29 'Danger' I got excited for a sec

20:29 'Danger' I dunno I wondered that too

20:29 'Rade9098' well, it adds up to seven..

20:31 'Danger' I think its weird that in vanessas letter she splits up R O A G E

20:31 'Danger' instead of just putting ROAGE

20:36 'Danger' agent red talks about getting revenge


20:37 'Rade9098' hmm... I forgot about that

20:37 'Danger' nm

20:37 'Danger' it was for the man that killed jonas

20:37 'Danger' I think

20:37 'WORT WORT WORT!' He already killed two guys matrix style

20:37 'WORT WORT WORT!' but what happened to the women?

20:38 'Danger' he was tailing jonas probably as a lead to find vanessa

20:38 'WORT WORT WORT!' yes

20:38 'Rade9098' she stayed out of it until they got back to her or something, you can't tell

20:38 'Danger' he got the paper which suggests she hid her diaries

20:38 'WORT WORT WORT!' Jonas also knew and left clues for Algernon


20:39 'Rade9098' yep, which is something we should be aware of

20:39 'WORT WORT WORT!' Vanessa likes Algernon as much as he likes her?

20:39 'Danger' exactly

20:39 'Danger' the cluess are hidden

20:39 'Danger' but they have been left behind

20:39 'Danger' dunno

20:40 'Rade9098' do you guys have anything that happened on December 11 2004?

20:40 'Rade9098' I'm looking for a connection here

20:40 'WORT WORT WORT!' Let me cheak

20:41 'WORT WORT WORT!' December 11, 2004 - Wikipedia

20:41 'WORT WORT WORT!' Check it

20:41 'Rade9098' yeah I kinda understood that I wasn't talking to a 3 year-old..

20:42 'Rade9098' nope

20:42 'WORT WORT WORT!' I don't see ANYTHING there

20:42 'WORT WORT WORT!' see what you make of it

20:42 'Rade9098' I'm talking more about anything else mentioning that date, we'd be more likely to find something that way

20:43 'Danger' at 4/4/2008 the log was interecepted where angent red was talking about vanessa having the ability to take them down

20:43 'WORT WORT WORT!' Yeh

20:43 'Danger' they have been hunting her for years

20:43 'WORT WORT WORT!' Obviously

20:43 'Rade9098' the question is did this new post happen before or after that point?

20:44 'WORT WORT WORT!' Before

20:44 'WORT WORT WORT!' its from 2003


20:44 'Rade9098' no, the note is from 2004, I'm talking about Red finding the note


20:45 'WORT WORT WORT!' Maybe it happened today

20:45 'WORT WORT WORT!' Deacon is red, he could've posted and found it today

20:45 'Danger' dunno

20:45 'Rade9098' I don't think Deacon is Red

20:46 'Rade9098' still possible though i guess

20:46 'WORT WORT WORT!' He said he was

20:46 'Danger' then there are other agents trying to stop agent red

20:46 'Danger' this leads to so many more questions

20:46 'Danger' deacon is agent red?

20:46 'WORT WORT WORT!' Agent Red Blue and Green are expendable...


20:47 'WORT WORT WORT!' He be red

20:47 'Rade9098' where did he say that?

20:47 'WORT WORT WORT!' I don't remember the name

20:47 'Rade9098' ?

20:47 'Danger' I dont think so

20:47 'Rade9098' do you remember the context?

20:47 'Danger' i dont think deacon has anything to do with it

20:47 'WORT WORT WORT!' somone called him Agent Red

20:47 'WORT WORT WORT!' I think Nueromancer

20:47 'Rade9098' was it the message marked urgent ball?

20:47 'WORT WORT WORT!' maybe

20:48 'WORT WORT WORT!' hey

20:48 'Rade9098' No, I don't think so

Some stupidness has happened and people have renamed themselves based on the colour the chat gave them. This is not part of the ARG.

20:51 'Rade9098' Was the one where Neuro said Deacon was Red in the Sing o Muse one?

20:51 'Agent Blue' maybe I'll find it tomorrow

20:51 'Danger' lol

20:51 'Agent Blue' Maybe

20:51 'Agent Blue' I think it was after that

20:51 'Agent Blue' when Neuro got HACKED

20:52 'Rade9098' no, after that was just this and no one named him

20:52 'Rade9098' no he didn't say he was red there just checked

20:52 'Agent Blue' damn

20:53 'Rade9098' sorry guys, but I have to go now.

May 15th, 2008Edit

18:48 'Sangheili God' what if Vanessa is Top Man #1138?

18:48 'Danger' I dunno about that

18:48 'Danger' vanessa doesnt sound much like a man's name

18:48 'Danger' I wonder why she went into hiding

18:49 'Sangheili God' that blog has had several things addressed to Algernon, and it's also what I used to figure out what ROAGE stood for.

18:49 'Sangheili God' If she and Algernon have feelings for one another, then it would make sense she would be leaving notes for him through it.

18:50 'Danger' achilles was there first, then algernon

18:50 'Danger' but I do think they had something going on

18:52 'Danger' you know how part of neromancer is a star?

18:52 'Sangheili God' I've read that part, yes, and transcribed it

18:52 'Danger' maybe he is 1138

18:52 'Sangheili God' also possible

18:52 'Danger' since in the blodg he says he will return to earth

18:52 'Danger' meaning hes out in space right now

18:53 'Sangheili God' but if he is defender of Olympos, then it wouldn't make sense for him to leave his post and come to Earth...

18:53 'Danger' true

18:53 'Danger' but there is like 2 people in him istent there?

18:54 'Sangheili God' elucidate

18:56 'Danger' it seems to me that there is one good person and one pad in him

18:56 'Sangheili God' in Neuro?

18:56 'Danger' yes

18:56 'Sangheili God' no, Neuro was infected

18:56 'Danger' when there are the // in front its different then from normal

18:57 'Sangheili God' that's when he is entering commands

18:57 'Sangheili God' it's like an MSDOS prompt, the //

18:57 'Danger' yeah I think i was just toying with the idea but it seems wrong

18:57 'Sangheili God' nothing wrong with toying, never know what will come from it

18:57 'Danger' so what are you thinking right now?

18:58 'Sangheili God' I'm thinking I need to read the wall of text that was the top-secret feed from REd

18:58 'Sangheili God' Red*

18:58 'Sangheili God' I transcribed it but have not yet read it, I've caught up on everything else though.

18:59 'Danger' rade proposed there might be a secret message in it

18:59 'Danger' I didn't find anything though

18:59 'Sangheili God' I'll keep an eye out then...

19:00 'Sangheili God' going to read it now, might log me out of here by default, but I'll be back when I finish.

19:00 'Danger' also, I think we should keep track of all the [ ] words because I thinkthey will come in handy

19:00 'Danger' k

19:00 'Danger' I should be on for a while

19:00 'Sangheili God' make it a Wikia or something then, just list all the words in brackets that have shown up, you can use my raw data log, it should have everything that's been posted containing them.

19:01 'Sangheili God' Echo_One_One_log

19:01 'Sangheili God' there's the link

19:03 'Danger' I guess I'll create a wiki account...

19:06 'Danger' you guys have put a lot of work into the wiki

19:14 'Sangheili God' ok done

19:14 'Sangheili God' damn, where did you all go?

19:16 'Sangheili God' welcome back

19:16 'Danger' helloooooo

19:16 'Danger' so howd the read go?

19:16 'Sangheili God' oh and the wikia page I sent you is the log that I keep as reference for people

19:17 'Sangheili God' Ting has a wikia that analyzes and keeps things up to date, I just transcribe everything we've gotten so far.

19:17 'Sangheili God' and the read was good, Deacon is a good writer

19:17 'Danger' yeah

19:18 'Sangheili God' oh, I didn't realize that Ting had linked to my wikia

19:33 'Sangheili God' I have much to ponder, and I must be going. Good luck Danger.

May 16th, 2008Edit

21:56 Sangheili God I'm watching Star Wars Episode IV, and when they are going to save Leia, they say that Chewy is a "prisoner transfer from cell block 1138" Hmm... where have we seen THAT number before, and what could this mean?...