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This page was made with the purpose of having a place on the fyreball wikia site where people could openly and easily post any new theories or conjectures that might occur to them. Hopefully, this will help create a more centralized area of thinking. Just don't change the format of the page or intentionally put something in the wrong place, and you can put any ideas you've had or heard into this area below. Remember, this is open to anyone so just post an idea, and if you want to help you can recategorize some of the items.

Also, when posting a new theory, make the heading of your theory a "second heading" so we can discern where theories start and end. (to do this put three "=" before and after the heading). It would also help if you put who came up with the theory, as well as when it was added so that we can know when to move it.

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Post new ideas here.

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Once significant evidence has been provided, an idea may be moved here, along with proof as to why it is now a fact.

The Machine Is UsEdit

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

I can't help but agree with Sketch that this is very likely to be relevant... The Machine is Us.

--Sangheili God 19:04, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

This has been proven true because Neuromancer has now stated that "[You] Are The Machine," In his fyreball Urgent! Tag With Green Alpha

Remember, anyone can put their information in here or help move things around, so long as they do not alter the design or intentionally miscategorize an item.