== Fyreball's humpday against Bungie == 

On Feburary 27th 2008, Fyreball went up against bungie employees in Bungie's weekly humpday.

First Match

Their first game went very bad, they ended up losing 50 - 17 on a game of team slayer on Valhalla. Results are shown below


Second Match

The second game was a game of MLG TS v3 on MLG The Pit v3. Once again the Fyreball team was brutally destoryed with a final score of 100 -58 for Bungie. the game results are shown below


Thrid Match

For the 3rd match they decided to play Nades N Spades on Foundry. Fyreball ended up just barely loosing with a final score of 50 -47 The results are shown below